Franchise Information

Why Us?

Our concept is currently leading the market trend for Pickup and Delivery Pizza shops. People choose Ringers Original Pizza for superior quality and flavour over the competition. The store concept and design provides a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for customers to make return visits.


How much does it cost to acquire a Ringers Original Pizza?

Your initial investment to acquire a license to operate a Ringers Original Pizza franchise is $20,000. For this initial investment, you will receive your initial training, support, development assistance and operating manuals necessary to start up the restaurant. Your total investment will vary from project to project, but an estimated range is from $100,000 to $200,000. The following are key factors that will determine the amount:

·      a conversion of an existing restaurant versus building from the ground up

·      the cost of development and construction in your particular market

·      the local and general economy

·      the efficiency of your project manager

Our Development Department can prepare an estimate based on your specific circumstances


What is the ongoing royalty fee?

The royalty fee is 3% of gross sales. This fee provides you with the use of the Ringers Original Pizza brand name and operating system as well as ongoing support, training, research and development.


What is the marketing fee?

The marketing fee is 3% of gross sales. This is used to promote and build brand recognition of the Ringers Original Pizza name through several online mediums and direct mail advertising.


What is the average return on investment?

Your return will be dependent on a number of factors: your skill and abilities, your competition, interest rates, the economy, inflation, labor and supply costs, lease terms and the marketplace in general. As you proceed, we can show you average figures based on the performance of our other stores.


What support will be provided?

Our franchise organization is designed to provide you with the tools and support you need to make your restaurant the first choice for people who love great pizza. The support begins before you open your restaurant with a development team who will assist in creating the Ringers Original Pizza environment, followed by a training team to train your management and staff on how to provide your guests with the Ringers Original Pizza experience.

Once your restaurant is open, follow up support will be provided to insure that Ringers Original Pizza systems and specifications are in place. Ongoing support will be provided with respect to accounting, marketing, menu development, and human resources.


Is previous restaurant experience required?

No. However, any experience you have gained in any area of food service always helps. More than anything else, your sound business sense and your compatibility with Ringers Original Pizza's high standards are what will make you an ideal candidate. If you don't have restaurant experience, we recommend that you have a day-to-day operator with experience; ideally Ringers Original Pizza experience.


Will Ringers Original Pizza provide training and what is the cost?

Training for you and your staff is thorough. We will train your management team and key staff at one of the corporate locations. We will send a hands-on support opening team to assist in training your staff. Besides travel, accommodation and meals, additional costs for the opening team are minimal. You can open your restaurant with the confidence and knowledge that you have received adequate training to do things the Ringers Original Pizza way, with a support system and people to help you.


What standards does Ringers Original Pizza set?

You will find that Ringers Original Pizza has taken care of every aspect of The Ringers Original Pizza experience for you, including: interior design, layout, menu, recipes, health and safety standards, food suppliers, product specifications and advertising. Your adherence to these standards is what will make your Ringers Original Pizza franchise a success. The consistency and quality of these standards not only creates and reinforces the brand, but also insures that Ringers Original Pizza guests have The Ringers Original Pizza experience, at any Ringers Original Pizza location, each and every time.


How long does it take to be approved and build a Ringers Original Pizza?

The application process from the date of your initial inquiry to the executive approval is from two to six weeks. Once your application has received executive approval, the time frame to opening day will depend on whether it is a conversion of an existing restaurant or a new construction. This can take from two to twelve months, and will depend largely on the time required for building and permit applications in your jurisdiction.


What are the next steps?

If you wish to investigate a Ringers Original Pizza opportunity further, please complete the form below. Once your qualification is determined, the franchise application process starts. You will be contacted for an interview and the exchange of information will begin so that you can make a fully informed business decision.