Ringers Original Pizza is all about traditional restaurant style pizza at great prices. Founded by George Liakopoulos and Tony Antoniadis, they knew there was a way to make better pizza that respected the traditional style. By combining their skills and experience in the restaurant industry, they created a pizza that is delicious and full of flavour and serve it in a casual fun atmosphere.

The success of Ringers Original Pizza is its commitment to a core set of values and principles.


It all starts with quality ingredients. There are no short cuts to making great pizza. 

Legendary Service

Our customer service is unique and genuine. Our goal is to have our customers enjoy our pizza but also to tell stories about the service. Great food and great service are critical to our success.


Training and Development

In our pursuit of excellence we believe in the ongoing training and development of our people. We invest in people. That is how the company and the brand will grow. Success is a team effort. By ensuring each individual is put in the best position to succeed through support and training, the entire team succeeds. 


We believe in giving back to the community that supports our business. We work hard to be productive members of the community. For example we support local sports teams, charity events and different programs within the local communities. As the saying goes, “think globally act locally” is something that resonates in our organization. We each do our part to help out our customers and neighbours.